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Wisdom Model: Classic Log Pin

The Wisdom Model is yet another classic log, however the pin tail and slight rail edge (55/45) on the tail grants more drive and maneuverability than the traditional Journey Model. This model is optimal on waves up to head high and most suited for point-breaks or long waves. The 2 + 1 fin set-up is recommended for larger or hollower surf conditions. The pin outline and slight rail edge on the tail will enable the surfer to perform long, drawn-out turns without losing the traditional Log approach. In general, this board has a decisive personality: refined turns and great noserides. To provide the correct weight that a log requires, the Journey Log Models receive two layers of 6 ounces fiberglass on each side.

From Elder Futhark. Meaning:
Insight, Wisdom, Truth.

Board 05

Measurements: 9’6″ X 23’1/2″‘ X 2’ 5/8″
Reference: 23037

Board 06

Measurements: 9’3″ X 23’1/2″‘ X 3’
Reference: 23038