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Shield Model: Mini Simmons

The Shield Model is inspired on the timeless Mini Simmons board design. In 1948 Bob Simmons obtained a copy of a military study made on planning crafts as an effort to improve power boat performances. Adapting that study to surfboard design, Bob Simmons eventually came out with the Mini Simmons model. Mr. Simmons realized that using minimum rocker; drag would be reduced and with minimal curve in the outlines, trim and speed would be maximized. The result was a short, wide and flat board which provided great speed, glide and maneuverability. The key feature of the mini Simmons board model is its high width to length aspect-ratio. Hydrodynamically speaking, this translates into lower resistance, which together with the minimum rocker, results in maximized speed. In order to control all that speed and give the board directional stability, the fins are placed as far back as they possibly can. Speaking of fins, all Shield Model boards com with glassed on fins hand-crafted by Japanese-Brazilian master-craftsman Rodrigo Matsuda. The fins are inspired on the original Bob Simmons fin outline, while the leash-plug has been designed by Mr. Matsuda himself, as an eco-friendly solution for the left over pieces of wood in his garage. The wood choice for this model is XXX, extracted from the SE region of Brazil, from a reforestation farm project.

The Shield Model is highly adaptable to a wave’s wall. That being said, the board can be ridden on virtually any type of wave, the key factor being the surfer’s skill rather than the board itself. The shield model is a great board to have in the quiver and one that all surfers should have, regardless of their technical abilities.

From Elder Futhark. Meaning:

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Board 29

Measurements: 5’5″ x 21’1/2″ x 2’3/8″
Reference: 23061

Board 34

Measurements: 5’6″ x 18′ x 21’1/2″ x 18
Reference: 23066