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Power Model: Quad Fish

In 1967 Steve Lis and Jeff Ching designed the revolutionary fish board, inspired on the Paipo and Knee-boards their elderlies were riding at the time. Similarly, on a recent trip to Peru, I got the chance to prone-ride a knee-board that I borrowed from a veteran Californian surfer I had just met. The outline of that particular board was awkward and so was the angle and fin placement of the quad-fin set-up. Nonetheless, that was the fastest and most stable shortboard I had ever ridden. Based on that particular experience we design the Quad Fish Strength Model: a knee-board outline adapted to prone riding. The Strength model is suitable for virtually any type of wave; in fact the defining factor on taking this board out will be the surfer’s mood. The quad-fin setup, low rocker and advanced wide point will provide an agile, fast and stable platform, allowing the surfer to perform smooth transitions between maneuvers while gaining with speed and momentum. All boards on this model receive 4 ounces fiberglass, 1 layer on top and 2 layers on the bottom for optimal weight and strength.

From Elder Futhark. Meaning:
Strength, Power, Courage.

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Board 18

Measurements: 6′
Reference: 23050

Board 19

Measurements: 6’4″ x 17′ (N) x 22′ x 16′ 3/4″ (T) x 2′ 1/2″
Reference: 23051