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Journey Model: Log

The Journey Model is a proper classic log, a design that I have been working on with Neco Carbone for more than a decade. This model is inspired on the timeless Nuuhiwa outline, and is ideal for small waves: ankle to chest high. The slight nose concave, step deck and 50/50 rails will enable maximized nasal time, which is the distinctive characteristic of the Journey Model. The square tail will be optimal for shifting, beach-break conditions, while the diamond tail will be slightly better on down-the-line waves. In comparison to the Log-Pin model, this board is wider and thinner. In order to have the correct weight, the Journey Logs receives two layers of 6 ounces fiberglass on each side. All in all, the Journey Model is a heavy, classic board which will translate into light, effortless surf and long noserides.

From Elder Futhark. Meaning:
Destiny, Journey.

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Board 01

Measurements: 9’8″ X 24′ X 2’7/8″ x 16′ 3/4″ (T) x 19′ 1/4 (N)
Reference: 23033

Board 03

Measurements: 9’3″ X 23 1/2 X 2 3/4′ x 16’1/2″ (T) x 18′ 3/4″ (N)
Reference: 23035