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Goddess Model: Classic Twin Fin

“The classic twin fin Goddess model is inspired on the 1967 revolutionary fish-board design developed by Steve Lis and Jeff Ching. Wide and blunt outline with minimum rocker translated into unprecedented speed and traction. This board provides stability, speed and maneuverability. The extra tail width results in more flotation while still producing a fast, loose and responsive performance from the twin fin set up. This allows the surfer to attack the wave, while maintaining style and flow. All Goddess Models receive 6 ounces fiberglass: one layer on top and 2 layers on the bottom, ensuring strength and durability. Despite generally being the go-to board for weaker wave conditions, this model will work well on waves up to 6ft+, depending on the surfer’s ability.

All boards of the Goddess Model come with glassed on wooden fins and wooden leash plug, all hand crafted by Japanese-Brazilian master-craftsman Rodrigo Matsuda. The fins are based on the Mark-Richard fin outline, while the leash-plug has been designed by Mr. Matsuda himself, as an eco-friendly solution for the left over pieces of wood in his garage. The wood choice for this model is XXX, extracted from the SE region of Brazil, from a reforestation farm project.

From Elder Futhark. Meaning:
Goddess, Home, Property.

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Board 09

Measurements: 5’10” x 21′ 1/2″ x 2′ 1/2″ x 17″ Nose x 16″ 3/4″ Tail
Reference: 23041

Board 10

Measurements: 5’8″ x 21’1/4″ x 16’3/4″ x 17’1/4″ x 2’1/2″.
Reference: 23042