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Generous Model: Egg Design

The Generous model can be defined in one word: simplicity. Continuous curves and minimum rocker are central characteristics of the Generous Model. The Generous Models come either as single fins or as 2 + 1 fin setups; the latter having a more precise and versatile personality. The rounded tail outline will provide and easy glide on the wave while its rounded nose gives good paddling power for the lazy paddlers. The wide point on this model is further back, approximately 2/5 of the boards’ length from the tail. This translates into …. The rails are rounded, except on the tail, where some edge is applied to create added drive. The bottom is flat for simplicity. Expect easy lines and refined wave approach when taking the Generous Model for a spin.

From Elder Futhark:
Gift, Love, Generosity.

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Board 20

Measurements: 6′ x 18’1/4″ x 21’1/2″ x 16’3/4″ x
Reference: 23052

Board 30

Measurements: 6’6″ x 18’1/4″ x 22′ x 17′ x 2’5/8″
Reference: 23062

Board 31

Measurements: 5’8″ x 18′ x 21′ 1/4″ x 17’3/4″ x 2’1/2″
Reference: 23063