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Energy Model: Twin Fin

Twin Fin Energy Model is a modern-day look at the 1967 Classic Twin fin design. The rails are sharper and the tail is narrower, in comparison to the Classic Twin fin Goddess model. However, the low rocker is maintained for greater glide and momentum. All in all, this is a versatile board design that goes well from small and mushy wave conditions to large and hollow surf. The surfer will be able to attack the wave with modern approach as well as draw classic rail turns, always maintaining energy between moves. The Energy Model comes as twin-fin set-up and may come with an additional central plug for a thruster set-up, making this one of the most versatile board of the Selection. Furthermore, all boards on this model receive 4 ounces fiberglass: 1 layer on top and 2 layers on the bottom for optimal weight and strength.

From Elder Futhark:
Energy, Health, Sun, Success.

Board 12

Measurements: 5’2″ x 16’3/8″ x 20’1/2″ x 17’3/4 (T) x 2’7/16″
Reference: 23044

Board 13

Measurements: 5’8″ x 2’1/2″ x 17’1/4″ x 16’1/2″ x 21’1/2″
Reference: 23045

Board 15

Measurements: 6’4″ x 15’1/2″ x 21’1/2″ x 16’3/4″
Reference: 23047