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Change Model: Bonzers

In the early 70’s, The Campbell Brother’s revolutionized surfboard design by adding side fins to the traditional single fin being used at the time. Driven by the need to stabilize the speed on the popular and newly designed single fin shortboards, the brothers looked into alternative boat designs to come up with a solution for their problem and so created the Bonzer fin system. This changed the history of surfboard design forever, as they were the first ever to have three fins on a board, almost a decade before the Simon Anderson’s famous thrusters. Furthermore, the brothers made a thorough study behind the hydrodynamics of surfboards on waves, coming up with unique arrangement of board concave and side-fins angle alignment with the sole purpose of efficiently organize water flow. The angle of the fins, combined with their shallow depth allows easier rail-to- transition, with less resistance, which in turn allows the surfer to keep the board on the rail with much less effort. The Bonzer Change Model is available in any board-outline and size range. The “Bonzer 3” is ideal for gun-type outlines, whereas the “Bonzer 5” will be optimal for head high surf and wider board outlines. The bonzer-fins are hand crafted by Japanese-Brazilian master-craftsman Rodrigo Matsuda, based on the Campbell Brother’s original design.

From Elder Futhark:


Board 28

Measurements: 7’10”
Reference: 23060

Board 25

Measurements: 7’7″ x 17′ x 21’1/2″ x 15″
Reference: 23057